Philips BV Libra C-Arm

  • Fully Refurbished
  • Lightweight & Compact Size
  • Digital CCD Camera
  • 6 or 9″ Image Intensifier


Philips BV Libra C-Arm Brochure | Philips BV Libra C-Arm Technical Specifications


One look at the compact BV Libra and you’ll immediately see what a big difference this lightweight fluoroscopy system can make in your fast-paced surgery procedures. You can steer it into the tightest spots – in a flash. Position it right where it is needed with hardly any effort. And easily see what you need with its powerful, high quality fluoroscopic images. All that requiring significantly less radiation.

More use

This lightweight system comes with a 9” image intensifier and is made to go anywhere you need it – surgery, intensive care, outpatient care, and emergency. And to handle all your routine procedures:

• Orthopedic surgery
• Abdominal surgery
• Neurosurgical procedures
• Thoracic surgery
• Vascular procedures

The Equipped MD Difference.

Equipped MD offers all configurations of the GE OEC 9800 and refurbishes everything in-house using our 25+ years of c-arm refurbishing experience. All GE OEC systems go through our in-depth process which includes:

  • 300 Point Inspection Of Internal Parts
  • Replacement Of Wear Items
  • New Main Battery Packs
  • New CMOS & GIB Board Level Batteries
  • New Brake Pads
  • New Paint – Complete
  • Factory Calibration
  • Includes FDA Report Of Assembly (Form 2579)
  • Standard 30 Day Warranty, Optional 6 Months & 1 Year Options
  • Shipping Available To All 50 States

On top of our in-depth refurbishing process, Equipped MD offers a unique pricing program with our “Wholesale Direct” pricing structure. For years we have been building c-arms for other equipment distributors and dealers, and are now offering the same pricing direct to healthcare professionals. This allows us to offer you exceptional value, and custom tailor the pricing to your needs & budget. To learn the details and get in-depth pricing simply hit the request a quote button above or simply give us a call.

Product Specifications

X-Ray Generation:

X-ray tube: Stationary anode tube with active heat management

X-ray generator: DC converter, Constant Potential (CP) generator, micro-processor controlled

Nominal power: 3.15 kW: 110 kV, 20 mA


Free space within C-arm: 77 cm (30.3”)

Angulation: +90° to -25°

C-arm depth: 61 cm (24.0”)

Rotation: ± 180°, with safety stop at ± 135°

Source Image Distance: 98 cm (38.7”)

Extended angulation (optional): +90° to -45° for increased projection flexibility

Lowest lateral working position: 102 cm (40.0”)

Imaging chain:

Image intensifier: Single mode 6” HC,  Triple mode 9” HRC

TV camera type: Interline transfer CCD; high resolution

Nominal II formats: 6”: 15 cm 9”: 23, 17, and 14 cm (9”, 7” and 5”)

Video standard: CCIR: 625 lines; 2:1 interlaced


Lase Aiming Device: Yes

ViewForum: Multi-modality workstation

DVD Recorder: Yes


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BV Libra

C-Arm Size

Full Size – 2pc C-Arm & Monitor Cart


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