Equipped MD’s Financing Options

At Equipped MD we want to make the finance side of your equipment purchases as seamless and easy as possible. As a result, we offer a variety of ways to pay for your equipment needs.

Equipment Leasing:

Equipped MD offers equipment leases on most capital equipment purchases. Our equipment leases are offered through FinaceApp which works with various lenders to find you the best rates for your individual needs.

FinanceApp uses their FinanceApp Score which is a better representation of your business’s overall health. We do not rely on just your personal credit score. We work with more than one lender in order to negotiate the lowest monthly payment.

Applications are easy and fast. There’s no easier way to apply for financing. Our application can be accessed anywhere, anytime on any device. Our 3-Step application will provide you with an immediate quote.

Pick the plan that is best for you. FinanceApp’s marketplace offers you the options to choose the best term and monthly payment based on your unique situation, industry, and product you need to finance.

Credit Terms:

Our standard terms are 25% down, 50% prior to shipment and 25% upon delivery. For established businesses willing to go through credit checks we can offer terms from NET30 to NET90.

Equipment Rentals:

For startups, or facilities that are bringing in new specialties but are not sure about committing to an equipment purchase, we offer a unique rental program. Our program allows you to get the equipment you need with little out of pocket. Not only do you earn equity in your rental but we also cover all related service and maintenance costs so you can budget a fixed cost per month. To learn more about our rental program please visit www.RentalsMD.com