Equipped MD’s Equipment Refurbishing Program

Do you have equipment that you love but feel like it needs a tune-up? Is your budget not open to purchasing new equipment and you would like to squeeze more performance out of your existing equipment? If so, our equipment refurbishing program is perfect for you.

Equipped MD offers a unique program where you can send us your existing equipment, and we will fully refurbish it for you. Each refurbishing process can be custom-tailored to your individual needs and budget so that you can maximize the life of your medical device.

How It Works:

Step 1: Send us an inquiry with details on the equipment you would like to have refurbished (see form below).

Step 2: An Equipped MD representative will reach out to you and request additional details.

Step 3: We will provide a detailed quote of recommended services for your specific device.

Step 4: Accept the quote and ship us your equipment. Depending on the equipment, Equipped MD may provide a loaner system.

Step 5: Equipment is refurbished in-house and shipped back to you by a specific deadline.

Step 6: Enjoy your freshly refurbished equipment.

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