We are frequently asked: “What’s the differences between the GE 9800 and 9800 plus C-Arm?”  Well, today we thought we would help our customers out by answering this question once and for all.

With the 9800 Plus you must assume that the “Plus” means that it includes something more than a standard 9800. Well, this is true. The 9800 Plus differs in a couple of ways: Age Of The Machine, DICOM, Image Storage Capacity, and Software.

Age Of The Machine:

The 9800 Plus C-Arm models have a tendency to be newer than most standard 9800 c-arm systems. This is because the 9800 Plus models came out later to the end of the model cycle. This is usually one of the reasons most people tend to desire the 9800 Plus over the standard 9800 C-Arm.


All of the 9800 Plus systems came with onboard DICOM. This onboard DICOM system is built into the monitor cart of the c-arm system and allows you to connect to your PACS system for sending patient and caseload information electronically. Standard 9800 C-Arm models had the option of adding DICOM, but the system wasn’t standard. Even today you can still add DICOM to a nonPlus model at a low cost.

Image Storage:

Image storage was increased on 9800 Plus c-arm models as long as it had the ESP (expanded surgical package) software level or higher. It bumped image storage capacity by 200 going from a standard 200 images to now 400 images. One thing to note however is that in most cases today image storage isn’t really a big concern. With digital image capture devices such as the Medicapture & DICOM/PACS, adding image storage is now much easier and less expensive than 5 years ago.


When the 9800 Plus shipped from the factory they were released with the newest software of all 9800 c-arms. With that said, however, all 9800 c-arms are eligible for this upgrade, as the software is not exclusive to the plus models. In fact, all of our refurbished 9800 c-arms are automatically upgraded to the most current software versions to ensure optimal performance.

In the end, most of the changes on the 9800 Plus C-Arm are not really all that much different when compared to any other model 9800 c-arm. It mostly comes down to the features you need and your budget as often times a standard 9800 with similar features can be purchased at a lower price mainly due to the availability over that of the Plus model. If you’re looking for a 9800 c-arm system please give us a call or fill out our request a quote form and we would be happy to discuss the units in greater detail, and help position you with a system that will not only fit your needs but also your budget.